A Real Food Revolution


I’ve always liked Jamie Oliver a.k.a. “The Naked Chef”. If you’ve had the chance to see him on TV, his passion is apparent in his animated cooking with fresh ingredients.

Recently, Jamie has been focusing on getting better nutrition into schools. I grew up bringing my lunch to school and never really succumbed to the lunches served, but looking back they consisted of a changing menu of various unhealthy foods and daily staples of Connie’s pizza, french fries, and soda.

Jamie showed young, grade school kids being served pizza for breakfast and the same for lunch the following day. Chicken nuggets with ingredient lists a paragraph long with terms no one has ever heard of were common as well. The kids also consistently chose strawberry and chocolate flavored milk over white milk. These colored milks have more sugar in them than pop. Real food nowhere to be found. What’s worse is all of this is following guidelines approved by the schools!

How many times have you heard people saying “McDonald’s made my child fat”. My response to that is “stop taking him or her to McDonald’s”. Kids learn from their parents and if parents aren’t teaching their kids what real food is, how will they know? Instead, Lunchables, potato chips, jello and juice boxes compose their brown bag lunches — providing the children with nothing but sodium and sugar to get them through the day.

Parents aren’t feeding their children fresh ingredients at home either. Jamie went to a classroom and showed the kids fresh produce such as tomatoes and potatoes. The kids had no idea what they were! Convenience has become commonplace and the kids are suffering. The microwave and processed foods are taking priority.

So please help Jamie out by signing his petition. This guy is onto something.