(CHEE-bo MA-toe): Italian slang for “Food Madness”

The reason…

My inspiration is best described in a quote: “Some people have soundtracks to their lives…I have a menu.” I’m in jewelry sales by day, but an epicure first and foremost. My love for food started with eating at gourmet restaurants and having others cook for me. However, my husband and I have started experimenting more at home — souse vide, sausage making, exploring new techniques, etc. Taking it one day at a time. This blog is an outlet for sharing with others what I come across from my daily reading of food magazines as well as my various food finds, home experiments, and restaurant experiences!


2 thoughts on “(CHEE-bo MA-toe): Italian slang for “Food Madness”

  1. Hey Shannon – go any hot tips for a Thurs night dinner in April? Somewhere in a 10 mile radius of the Loop.
    You know me – extreme flava, hip and edgy.

    • Hey Paul!

      I have 3 suggestions that come to mind for you. Graham Elliot (super creative and chill), Japonais (great food with a to-be-seen atmosphere), or Sunda (celebrity spot with Asian flare). Both slightly north/northwest of the Loop. You will need to make reservations because they are hot spots!!

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