Childhood Dinner Party

After hearing about Next restaurant’s Childhood Menu, Nick had the brilliant idea of hosting a childhood dinner party at our house. Each guest brought a dish that represented a food memory from their childhood. The night brought about tasty, inventive food and discussions of past memories!

The Menu:

First Course by Nick: Ode to Wax Sticks — Red Cabbage Gazpacho w/Mustard Ice Cream, Green Pea Soup w/Ham + mint oil, Orange Pumpkin Soup w/ Hazelnuts + Rosemary + Pumpkin Seeds. Served in tubes from Wax Candy:

2nd Course by Christine Case Labno: Peanut butter and Figs wrapped in bacon — her twisted take on Peanut butter and Jelly. Everything is better with bacon!
3rd Course by Blair Hannah: Lobster Mac n’ cheese. Seriously the best mac n’ cheese I’ve had to date:
4th Course by Jordan Bartle: Homemade goldfish with juice boxes. His Dad made the cookie cutter molds for the goldfish!
5th Course by Josh Hoen: “Fish Stick” Pizza. Josh’s family grew up Catholic and his brother wouldn’t eat fish so his Dad made up a concoction of fish sticks on pizza to get him to eat it. On this pizza was cod, chorizo, tomato, mushrooms, arugula, and garlic. It was outstanding!
6th Course by Keith Trice: Chinese style pork loin with blue cheese mashed potatoes on dinner rolls. A compilation of a few favorites from his childhood. The dinner rolls were his mom’s recipe. Delicious!
7th Course by Nick: Mac n’ Cheese pasta with Kraft Cheese sauce sphere, brandy poached pear, and pecans. Nick still likes Kraft Mac n’ Cheese above all other mac n’ cheeses.
8th Course by Nick: Grapefruit slices topped with Nerds Candy. A bit of tart, tangy, and sweetness. For the “nerd” in all of us…
9th Course by Chris Labno: Pot Roast with Homemade Dumplings. Inspired by his mom’s cooking when he was a kid!
10th Course by Jeff Meador: French Toast BLT open face sandwich with Maple Bacon shake and maple mayo on the side.
11th Course by Me: Homemade vanilla bean ice cream on top of homemade potato chips. My mom would take my sister and I through the McDonald’s drive through and order a vanilla cone with french fries. We would dip the fries in the ice cream and the salty versus sweet combination was a memory that remains.
12th Course by Joline and Kevin Hegi: Giant Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich cake!
13th Course by Me: Apple juice gelatin with buttered popcorn water gelatin. I love the combination of popcorn with a swig of apple
juice. Yum:
14th Course by Kevin and Joline Hegi: Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Ice Cream. Combining Kevin’s love for Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, Joline’s obsession with cereal, and Kevin and Joline’s love of ice cream.
Nothing says a party like Dixie cups, beer bottles, juice boxes, and Twizzlers in a vase.

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