FOODILY: “Food I love you”

Since we got our iPad, we have been finding new food related apps and websites that are useful. So far, my favorite recipe website has been FOODILY. After typing in an ingredient into the search bar, it pulls recipes from the bazillion food sites on the web and includes a picture and the source it came from. Then you can quickly scroll through the recipes and save them while you search. Another useful feature is customizing your search by including or excluding recipes with a specific ingredient. Sharing via Facebook and email is super easy as well. It’s smart, concise, colorful, and my new one and only recipe search tool!

Here’s a bonus tip: For a new way to quickly read a lot of information within a short amount of time, download the Pulse app to your phone or iPad. It changed the way I read my news every morning. Pulse takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful mosaic. The app also makes it easy to share stories via email as well as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Happy reading!


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