City Olive — Olive You


Andersonville is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to frequent in Chicago. Many of the shops carry an array of uncommon items for the home but there is one boutique store in particular that never fails to wow me with their unique gourmet food selection: City Olive.

I’ve purchased everything here from a wooden salt cellar  to smoked salt to bacon lollipops. The staff is always welcoming and very generous with their tastings of the various vinegars, oils, mustards, salts and sauces they carry. Their knowledge of how to use a product impresses me, too. What does one do with the smoked salt you are about to purchase? — fish of course (one lady said it’s great on anything and she’s actually right). I recently saw pate in a jar and noticed powdered tomato to use in dishes when tomatoes are not in season.

Truffle salt? No problem. Preserved whole lemons? Check. Funky pasta shapes and flavors? Yep. Flavored salt galore? The most selection I’ve seen.

Go in with an open mind and walk out with some treasures…

Best of all — it’s right next to my favorite Italian bakery: Pasticceria Natalina.



One thought on “City Olive — Olive You

  1. Must agree whole heartedly!! Love this place…love the food gems I have walked away with. Fantastic chocolates, wonderful hibiscus flowers in syrup….cant wait to go back.

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