Oh, Cibo Matto, you give my blog name a bad name

Don’t let the shiny exterior fool you. What awaits inside is anything but extraordinary.

We immediately didn’t connect with our waiter who we all thought was trying to plump up our bill by recommending expensive $200 bottles of wine and not really offering any valid advice on what to order.

The appetizers had an overwhelmingly common (in both meanings) ingredient — mozzarella, the pastas appeared mediocre on the menu, and the entree section left me wanting more invention. I had a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to order but it wasn’t because of the plethora of fascinating options — more of the lack there of. I ended up choosing the sauteed chicken livers on polenta for an appetizer and halfway through I switched with my husband’s mozarella, honey, and blood orange salad. The flavor didn’t “pop” in my mouth and I felt both were very under-seasoned.

My entree was skate wing with lemon and capers. My husband got the veal. Both were — yet again — extremely under-seasoned. For dessert, it was the lemon pudding and lemoncello sorbet. The sorbet was fantastic but that would be hard to screw up in the first place.

Let me just conclude by saying that nothing was overtly disgusting — I just expected a LOT more for my money. Maybe it’s just me being a food snob, but I felt my expensive bill was to pay for the decor and not the food. I’ll stick with Terragusto for my Italian.



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