Yes — you can drink your bacon

You read it right. I said the B word — Bacon. I know you are sick of hearing about bacon. I know you think it’s funny that in such a health “conscience” world, bacon has become such a phenomenon. Trust me, below are a few items that will inspire the love once again:

Bacon Fat Candles:

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn:

Bakon vodka:

Vosges bacon chocolate:

Bacon Salt:

AND there is a whole fest dedicated to bacon. You will definitely see me here on April 10th at the Stan Mansion in Logan Square:

Bacon fest in Chicago:

On a side note: My husband, Nick, is currently making bacon powder. He has a jar of bacon fat that he painstakingly saved after every consumption. He also used bacon fat to infuse whisky to make it extra smokey. So as you can see, it’s only the beginning…Bacon isn’t just for wrapping (ruining in my opinion) shrimp and filet mignon anymore. So drink up, pour on, and sprinkle the love.

4 thoughts on “Yes — you can drink your bacon

  1. I will never get sick of hearing about bacon. Never. Vosges bacon chocolates are good, I will have to try the bacon bourbon popcorn, that sounds so good its mildly wrong.

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