Kith & Kin

It was an extremely cold Saturday night. My husband and I wanted somewhere cozy and warm with a decent meal experience. I had read a bit about Kith & Kin and knew I wanted to try it eventually because the chef had worked at Trio and the French Laundry. I figured he must know his flavors and textures, etc. Plus, I knew a gastropub was what this wicked cold night needed.

Since Kith & Kin hadn’t been open for long, I didn’t go into dinner expecting too much. Immediately when I walked in, I knew it was the atmosphere we were wanting that night. Open space, dark woods, low lighting, a fireplace in the back, and a Christmas tree with white lights and a star made out of spatulas.

The cocktail menu consisted of old-fashioned drinks and there was also a decent wine and beer list. We started off dinner with 2 of the crocks — chicken liver pate and the other, pork creton. I have to say — we try pate from time to time but are always underwhelmed. This pate was the best I’ve had — extremely deep in flavor and the dijon mustard that accompanied it added a nice kick. The pork creton was incredible as well — bits of onion and herb layer throughout. The waiter even brought us extra pieces of crostini — a very nice added touch considering we always run out before the pate is finished!

For our main courses, my husband had the chicken thighs with brussel sprouts, brown butter, and sage. Once again, the chicken had an incredible depth of flavor and the skin cracked beautifully.

For me, if there is ever Berkshire pork on the menu — I order it. Mine was a Berkshire pork rib atop thyme jus and creamy grits. I’m still thinking of the texture of the pork — so soft and juicy. The thyme really added a freshness and pleasantness to the dish — with every bite there was a perfect amount.

We added a few sides to our meal to really get the feel of the place — root vegetables in what tasted like a buttery, slightly sweet syrup. It was amazing. We also ordered the poutine. The gravy was divine!

To top it all off, we ordered the banana split requested by our server. He had guided us with perfection all night, so we took him up on it. It was a perfect ending to a perfect meal. We don’t find perfection often but this was it!

While we were waiting for our waiter to bring us the bill, I had already texted a few foodies friends that this place was a must. Can’t wait to go back and share the experience with our friends!


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